Grants Program Overview

ATTENTION: 2018 Community Partnership Grant and Hospitality Scholarship deadlines are March 30, 2018.

In 2007, the MCCA and State Senator Jack Hart launched the MCCA Community Partnership & Hospitality Scholarship Fund, a two-part program that allows all of Boston’s neighborhoods to benefit from consumer shows at the then new Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and established scholarships to boost workforce development in the hospitality industry.

The program, funded by revenue generated from consumer shows, encourages local Boston non-profit organizations to apply for grants or donations. Additionally, as part of the program, the MCCA has launched a statewide scholarship program that provides four $2,500 scholarships annually to current and future hospitality students.

The program expands on the South Boston Community Development Foundation (SBCDF). By state statute, the SBCDF will receive ten cents for each square foot of rented exhibit space and one dollar per admission ticket sold for each gate show at the BCEC. The SBCDF can then make charitable donations to South Boston non-profits. To fund the Community Partnership Grants program, the MCCA will match the revenues generated for the SBCDF and create a fund for charitable donations to non-profit organizations in the other neighborhoods of Boston. 

An internal committee of the MCCA will review grant and scholarship applications and choose which programs will receive funding. Once programs are recommended, the MCCA Executive Director has final approval.

Applications must be received by March 30, 2018.